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Ver. 14.9
February 4th, 2023

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A complete, synonymic checklist of the Higher Plants of the World

Version 14.9 (February 4th, 2023)

Covering 354,334 valid species, 9,351 hybrids, 51,522 valid infraspecific taxa and 942,725 synonyms,
in total 1,357,932* names

[*about 60,000 mostly very old, "unplaced" names cannot be assigned and are deliberately omitted]

Ferns, Lycophytes, Gymnosperms, Basal Angiosperms, Mono- and Dicotyledonae

With complete, detailed distribution data (countries and regions) and literature references

Arranged in linear phylogenetic sequence reflecting true relationships

Fully searchable and continously updated

With 38,290 pictures of 15,532 species

Assembled through 30 years independently from other databases

In cooperation with Catalogue of Life