Possibilities for the users to contribute to this database:

Revise whole groups

Experts for certain groups (families or genera) are cordially invited to revise those groups. Please contact the main author and you will get an easy-to-use Word for Windows file containing all data for the desired groups. Your corrections, comments or amendments can be added directly to this Word file, and I will take care of the proper formatting afterwards.


Correct errors

A simple e-mail or contact message (see header) suffices. Usually your additions will be published in the next updates (about two month cycles between updates) and automatically transferred into Catalogue of Life and GBIF (if the groups are concerned for which WorldPlants is providing data).

I would appreciate if your message is also containing a short explanation or proof of the desired changes (for example a PDF or copy of an appropriate publication covering the subject in question). It is very welcome if you spare me in this way a lot of own research.


Provide literature or publications

Contributions and donations of PDFs of recent publications are gratefully acknowledged. It is not possible for me as a single person to keep track of all taxonomic literature. As long as the new data are included in IPNI, I will catch it eventually. But revisions of existing groups are sometimes outside of my reach.

Links to open access publications are also welcome. But links or directions to publications behind a paywall are less satisfactory because I do not have regular access to a public library and/or the publications itself, at least not in an easy way. In those cases copies, preferrably PDFs, would help very much.